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Melissa Coventry

Many of you may have met Melissa, the owner of Legacy Paper Arts, at a scrapbook convention.  Melissa started scrapbooking at a young age with her Mrs. Grossman’s sticker albums (oh come on, you know you all had them, LOL).  But soon college and graduate school took her away from her passions (a little known fact about Melissa is that she has a Masters in Biomedical Sciences, which is a combination degree in physiology, pharmacology and cell and molecular biology as well as a MBA). 

Once she settled down to have children, she came back to scrapbooking with a passion.  Since she did not want to go back to working the crazy hours of a MBA after having her first child, she started thinking about other business ideas.  This lead to the creation of Legacy Paper Arts in May 2004.   Melissa is the designer of all the products on the website.  She has two boys (hence all the “boy” products) and a husband of 15 years who is private consulting winemaker.


Michelle Tvaryanas

Michelle started up Legacy Paper Arts East (as we like to call it) in 2011.  After working for Melissa in Salinas, CA for several years she up and left for Ohio. Since Melissa was determined not to let her go, Melissa begged and begged over several months for Michelle to keep working.  After a few months, Michelle relented to the pathetic pleas and set up shop in Ohio. 

Her main job is to help Melissa realize if designs are practical or not since she is the one who cuts the design files and packages the kits (Melissa has been known to get carried away in the design department at times, LOL). Luckily, Michelle is amazing and survives the relentless schedule of kitting.

When not working for Melissa, Michelle has a great time taking care of her crazy brilliant son and husband (seriously, they are both scary smart).

Elizabeth Betts

Elizabeth is Melissa’s mother and convention buddy.  She travels around to all the conventions with Melissa, tolerating the questionable hotels and road food.  Plus, she has to carry all those heavy boxes laden with product.  Once again, a mother’s love knows no bounds.  She says all this is worth it for the fun of hanging out with all you crazy scrapbookers and spending time with daughter.